useeToo example 2

Here we show you how to create collage using two or more photos.
First thing that you should do is to drag and drop or open from file and put into uSeeToo separate boards two pictures (you can use more pictures too).

  Steps - what to do
Collages firts example   On the board with a picture from which you want to use a fragment for your collages:
  1. Click on select geometric shape button.
    You will see a new window.
  2. Click on rectangular button.
  3. Draw rectangular around your chosen fragment.
  4. Click on select area button to select your picture element.
  5. Simultaneously press Ctrl and click on copy button.
    Pressing Ctrl and clicking on copy button simultaneously is necessary to move your copied element into other board.
Collages second example   Go to board with a main picture collage where you want to place your copied element.
  1. Click on paste button.
    You will see your fragment there.
  2. Move cursor on copied element and move it into a suitable place.
Collage third example   You can draw or type text on your picture collage too.
  1. Click on pencil button.
  2. Choose tool width.
  3. Choose tool color
    ... and start to draw.
Collage fourth   If you want you can type text on your picture.
  1. Click on enter text button.
  2. Choose font style, size etc.
  3. Select tool color.
  4. Point the cursor on the board, you will see a cross, left-click once and keep mouse pressed to extend suitable area for your text.
  5. Now you can type your text.
Collages fitht example   Here we used elements from two pictures that were placed on a third one.
Remember, if you want to copy elements from one board and move them to another one – press Ctrl and left-click on “copy” button simultaneously!