uSeeToo was born out of our need to share photos with our Skype friends, and to work together by drawing ideas as if on a piece of paper
or a whiteboard.
Talking on Skype is great but sometimes it is so much easier to explain things graphically.
Even with the earliest versions of the program we were thrilled to (re) discover how much our communication gained by synergy between talking, showing, drawing and pointing at images.
It has been quite literally 1 + 1 = 5! Now you can talk and SEE TOO!
You will need a friend with Skype and uSeeToo to cooperate or share images with.
uSeeToo is about making communication with remote friends and coworkers more effective and enjoyable!
Please remember this is only a BETA version, it is not of product quality!
There is a long way to go in terms of usability and functionality.
Still we wanted you to start playing with uSeeToo: we are interested in your feedback and suggestions.
Even with the limited usability uSeeToo offers at this time you can use it to share photos with friends, draw (freehand) lines on whiteboards or over photos,
watch maps together, play chess or gomoku (just use grid on a drawing board).
We would like to strongly encourage you to come back to these pages for updates: this is work in progress, we expect frequent updates before things stabilize.
uSeeToo lets you:
  • Share photos with Skype friends
  • Draw freehand and geometric shapes
  • Add text to boards and pictures
  • Make collages on whiteboards or over photos
  • Show images or drawings to your customers
  • Watch maps together
  • Play chess or gomoku
uSeeToo is not just about pure entertainment; you can discuss contents of ANY images, for instance house plans, annotate, add markings, point with the cursor. This plan has not been created with uSeeToo.
house plan

The floor plan shown is courtesy of and copyright by Drummond Designs.com

Our program does not have aspirations to be a professional graphics editor: there are other programs that excel at drawing; uSeeToo can help communicate and collaboratively annotate images created elsewhere.